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Kiss and Ride

Student Parking Policy

Visitor Parking


picture of yellow school busThe School Administration has developed a plan which allows our student body to enter and exit the property as quickly and effortlessly as possible.  We ask those driving on the campus to be cautious and patient as they operate on and around TJHSST.

All curbs around the building and the fuel depot have been designated as fire lanes.  Fire Lanes are NO PARKING, IDLING or STANDING areas at all times, regardless of whether school is in session.  All fire lanes are painted yellow and indicated by approved signs for ease of recognition.


The 2016-17 Transportation model is being completed and details with be emailed for parent consideration in the coming weeks.
When Late-Activity buses are involved, the Office of Security Services, a 24-hour number, should be contacted. Late Activity buses for Fairfax County residents run only on Wednesdays starting on Sept. 16, 2015. All Late-Activity buses leave school at 6:30 pm.

(Note: For weather-related delays in FCPS, bus transportation is still available on the delayed time schedule; and vice versa for early closings. However, if a specific base school has a scheduled delayed opening for other reasons, students must provide their own transportation to their base school in order to catch the TJ shuttle. Please check the PTSA Transportation webpage for these announcements.

Questions regarding transportation in your area should be directed to:

  • TJHSST Security Director: Bob McCormick (rdmccormick@fcps.edu), 703-750-8331
  • FCPS Office of Security Services (for after hour emergencies) 571-423-2000
  • FCPS Transportation Services
  • Fairfax Co. 703-750-8331 (Bob McCormick - TJHSST)
  • Arlington Co. 703-228-6640
  • Loudoun Co. 571-252-1700
  • Prince William Co. 571-402-3916

Policy for Students Riding Different Buses

TJ students may only ride a different bus than the one to which they are assigned IF:

  1. There is room on the bus which they wish to ride, and
  2. It is a school related reason, i.e. an assignment, project, etc. which is verified through the teacher.

Students need to request, via email to Bob McCormick (rdmccormick@fcps.edu), a day before they intend to change buses. Please provide the route on which the student will ride, the school project and teacher’s name. Students are not permitted to ride a different bus because of outside activities (athletic practice, dance class, stay over, etc.). Those are considered by Transportation to be the responsibility of parents.

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Kiss and Ride

The location for student drop-off/pickup is the “Kiss and Ride” designated area and falls between 7:30 - 8:40 am in the morning and 3:30 - 4:15 pm in the afternoon.  “Kiss and Ride” is located at the rear of the building and identified by signs along the route.
Here’s how it works:

In the morning
We have established a drop off lane behind the building for “Kiss and Ride”.  When you enter the property, turn left to drive around the building to the back.  We ask parents to pull as far up the lane as possible to drop off students, and then students should exit their car on the side of the adjacent sidewalk, and enter the back of the building.  After 8:40am, late students should be dropped off in the visitor’s lot in front of the building so they can receive a pass to class.  For the safety of our students and staff, please do not drop off students in the front of the building from the Fire Lane.

In the afternoon
The best time to pick up students is after 4:15 pm after the buses depart the campus.  We have established a pick up lane behind the building for “Kiss and Ride”.  When you enter the property, turn left to drive around the building to the back.  Please do not sit idle in a fire lane or parking lot that might prevent other cars from exiting.  We have also opened access to the Staff and the Visitor Parking Lots for parents to park and wait for their students.  However, these areas fill up quickly and we ask drivers to be patient and follow the direction of those directing traffic for the safety of everyone on campus.

Message from the Principal Oct. 17, 2016:

Dear TJ community,

We are trying to improve the traffic patterns around the school in order to keep them safe and moving smoothly.  There have been some considerable congestion and unsafe car maneuvering at the end of the day, particularly near the side of the building.  In an effort to improve the safety of the environment, starting next week most afternoon pickup will be on the access road, rather than behind the school, once the visitor’s lot is filled. 

As you enter the property at the end of the day, the security assistant at the front of the school will direct you to turn right or left.  If you turn right and notice the visitor’s lot is closed, then proceed past the buses and park in a space on the access road.  By 4:15pm, the traffic congestion is usually cleared, so if you wait until that time you will be able to pick up a student in the visitor’s lot in front of the school.

Thank you for your attention to this safety matter.

Evan Glazer
Principal, TJHSST

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Student Parking Policies

  • Students must submit a completed Parking Application to the Safety and Security Department for processing prior to parking a vehicle on the campus of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology.  Students will be issued a Parking Pass which must be displayed in the approved vehicle at all times while on campus.  
  • Students will be assigned parking lots based on their Class Status.  The Senior Parking Lot is at the rear of the building.  The Junior Parking Lot is north of the Bus Depot along Minor Lane.
  • Any student that has acquired 6 or more unexcused 8th Period absences during the school year will be prohibited from applying for a parking pass for the subsequent year. 
  • Juniors acquiring 2 unexcused 8th period absences in a semester will result in a parking suspension.  3 unexcused absences in a semester will result in a parking pass being revoked.
  • Parking passes will not be made available to any student that has an outstanding financial obligation to the school.
  • Unpaid tickets may result in the suspension or revoking of your parking privileges.  Tickets must be resolved within 7 days of the issue of the ticket.
  • Parking is NOT available for the sophomore or freshman classes.

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Visitor Parking Guidelines

Visitor Parking Lot, located across from the Main Entrance Door #1, may be used for specific appointments with school administrators or teachers between the hours of 7:30am to 4:30pm.  TJ Volunteers should also park in the Visitor Parking Lot with a volunteer parking pass issued by the Safety and Security Director.

After Hours Parking Guidelines

Parents picking up students following athletic practices or after school activities may park in designated parking spaces after 4:30pm. 

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