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Job Opportunities

All applications for teaching and staff positions at must be processed through the Fairfax County Public Schools Human Resources department. Please visit that site for details on the application process.

TJHSST is accepting resumes and letters of interest for the following potential openings. Please send resumes and letters of interest by e-mail to Dr. Evan Glazer, principal, at jobs@tjhsst.edu


Technology Education (full time)

Preferred experience in project-based learning environment with engineering, robotics, prototyping, CAD, and/or electronics.


Social Studies (full time)

Preference with candidates that have taught honors and AP courses.



Working at TJHSST

The curriculum at TJHSST has as its foundation an interdisciplinary and comprehensive approach to education that is driven by six foci: developing powerful communication skills, learning in a collaborative environment, thinking and working in systems, providing real life/real projects experience, teaching change management and infusing ethics throughout all aspects of school life. All students take integrated programs including the Integrated English, Biology and Technology (IBET) program, and Humanities programs. This philosophy has led to structural changes where traditional departments are grouped into four larger divisions that are each led by a rotating faculty positions:

Teaching positions may include a one-period additional assignment that is related to Jefferson's 8th Period activity program. The selected applicant will be responsible for providing activities during four forty minute blocks of time in which professional responsibilities and personal interests of the applicant might be reflected. As part of this assignment, one forty minute block of time each week is required for a Teacher Advisory period.

Declaration of Nondiscrimination

No student, employee, or applicant for the employment in the Fairfax County Public Schools shall, on the basis of age, race, sex, religion, national origin, marital status, or handicapping condition, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity.

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