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"Art is much less important than life, but what a poor life without it."
-Robert Motherwell, American Painter


The test for TJ admission measures students’ aptitude for science and technology.  In addition to those talents, TJ students demonstrate their excellence in the arts as well here at school and around the community in performances and classes.

Science and art are both explorations of the life around us and attempts to make sense of those experiences.  Art is essential to developing creative, compassionate, thinking scientists of the future who will continue to question the impossible.  DaVinci, one of the most revered men of his age, is admired for his scientific as well as his artistic works.  A time rich in science is often a time rich in art.

As there is continually more pressure for our students to compete against each other, let’s not neglect the cooperative artistic endeavors that make us whole human beings.


picture of cast of Sweeny Todd

A treasured part of the TJ Choir curriculum is the production of staged and semi-staged shows-musicals, operettas, and operas. These shows are a synthesis of all the skills the singers are working to develop in class.

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