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All students at Thomas Jefferson will take four credits of Social Studies.  All courses are taught at the honors or Advanced Placement level, and provide students with a solid foundation in historical and social science reasoning skills, reading, writing, critical thinking, and communication.  Social studies courses incorporate the study of history, politics, religion, geography, as well as several other fields from the social sciences and humanities.  Students complete three out of the four social studies courses by taking the following required courses:

  1. 10th Grade:  World History and Geography II as part of Humanities I (teamed with English 10: World Literature)

  2. 11th Grade: either AP United States History or Honors US/VA History as part of Humanities II (teamed with English 11: American Literature)

  3. 12th Grade: AP United States Government.  AP Government may be taken as a stand-alone course or teamed with AP Literature (Senior Seminar) or teamed with AP Language (Global Studies)

All of the teamed courses emphasize connections between social studies and literature while continuing the emphasis on analytical writing, responsible research, and critical thinking. Students earn the fourth social studies credit by completing one credit of some combination of social studies electives from the following list that are offered during the school year: America and the World since 1989, Ancient and Classical Civilizations, Anthropology, Economic Theory, Ethical Leadership, History of Science, Inquiry into Ideas, Law and Society, Neuropsychology, One Question, Religious Studies, and Twentieth Century World History. Please note: World History and Geography I IS NOT a required course. 


Below are the courses offered through the Social Studies department. See the Online Course Guide for specific course descriptions.

  • AP European History
  • AP Government / Global Studies
  • AP Government / Senior Seminar
  • AP Psychology
  • AP US Government & Politics
  • AP US History (HUM 2)
  • AP Microeconomics
  • AP Macroeconomics
  • 20th Century World History
  • Ancient & Classical Civilizations
  • America & the World Since 1989
  • Art, Technology, and Culture
  • Economics Theory
  • Ethical Leadership
  • History of Science and Ideas
  • Inquiry in Ideas
  • Intro to Science & Technology Policy
  • Law & Society
  • Neuropsychology
  • One Question
  • Physical/Cultural Anthropology
  • Religious Studies
  • US & Virginia History (HUM 2)
  • World History & Geography 2 (HUM 1)

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