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find a book?

Browse the shelves!

Use the online library catalog available at the library home page. View the short video on finding a book

Recommend a book to the library: library@tjhsst.edu

set my proxy?
find and use primary sources in the Humanities?

Use our library guide to learn about primary sources and find primary sources in the Humanities


use RSS Feeds?

Use our library guide to find information about using RSS Feeds

View our video about setting up a Feedly reader

cite my sources?

Use NoodleTools, located on the library database webpage, under Utilities, to create APA and MLA citations and bibliographies

Visit the Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue for great information and guidance on APA and MLA citation styles. The 8th edition of MLA Style Guide is now available at the library and online at the MLA Style Center.

Use our Citation Central guide for information on copyright, creative commons, sources for images, audio, and video in the public domain, and citation hurdles such as using a citation in the body of your paper, citing an image, or a historical newspaper

find the latest science research?

View our library guide that lists the TJ databases and open access resources for the latest science research


use ebrary?

ebrary is one of our largest ebook collections, with over 80,000 titles. Use the ProQuest library guide for information on using this great resource

ebrary also offers great videos on discovering books in ebrary, simple and advanced searching, and setting up a personal account so you can build your own personal bookshelf.


request an article?

Have a great abstract of a paper but can't access full-text? Is the site prompting you to pay for full-text? NEVER pay for an article. Use your librarians!

Check our Journal Finder to see if we provide full-text access to the journal and the paper you need

If not, email us at library@tjhsst.edu from your TJ webmail or GAE (fcpsschools) account

Include a full citation: journal name including volume, issue and date; author(s) name; article title; and page numbers.

Delivery time is usually 5 business days. Let us know if this is a rush item.

connect to FCPSonboard?

To configure your personal device to reach the wireless network , FCPSOnboard, find configuration guides at  http://tinyurl.com/GoOnboardColonials

Instructions may refer to using your 7-digit FCPS username and the password established at the beginning of  this year in homeroom sessions. See your homeroom teacher for assistance if you still need help with that process.

Your local domain username will not make the wireless connection work.

Configuration Guides are also available on student intranet (Ion.)  See Tech Team in A-14 or Sys Lab room 200 for assistance. 

create an annotated bibliography?

An annotated bibliography is your list of sources consulted with a short description of each source directly under the citiation.

Annotations typically include three components:

1. Summary: briefly describe the main points.

2. Evaluation: involves evaluating the Credibility, Accuracy, Reliability, Relevance, Date, Sources, and Scope of the information. Remember these criteria through the acronym CARRDSS. Click here for more information on evaluating sources with CARRDSS.

3. Reflection: How did the information shape your thinking? How helpful was the information and how did it fit into your research?

use a DOI to find an article?

Most electronic journal articles today are assigned a DOI - Digital Object Identifier. This unique number will allow you to find an online jounal article, even if the hosting website is reorganized and the web address changes. A DOI is similar to your social security number - you can move around the USA, but your social security number remains the same.

Go to http://www.doi.org. Copy the DOI of the article into the search box on the right-hand side of the screen.

On a proxy connected computer, the article will open if it is contained in a TJ library database, although a student may be prompted for their TJ domain username and password.







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