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Astronomy & Astrophysics Lab


Mrs. Lee Ann A. Hennig

picture of students in astro lab




Students in the Astronomy & Astrophysics Research Lab are involved in projects related to planetary geology, deep space image processing, and analyses of astronomical databases and telescopic observations.  Projects also focus on analyzing data provided by astronomers who are doing fundamental research on topics such as: light curves of variable stars, exosolar planets, and spectroscopic analyses.  Students are also engaged in research related to supernovae, galaxies, quasars, asteroids, comets, and solar-terrestrial effects.


Jefferson’s Astronomy & Astrophysics Research Lab continued its tradition of wide-ranging project topics this year.  Students continued to add to the body of work studying the Sun using the Radio Jove telescope on the planetarium roof as well as adding data from the Sudden Ionospheric Monitor.  The observations and analyses contribute to an international data archive managed by NASA and Stanford University.  Several students worked with planetary geologists from the Smithsonian‘s Center for Planetary and Earth Sciences on topics related to Mars and Mercury using data from the various probes dedicated to those planets.   Other research projects addressed investigations on:  asteroids, solar sunspot cycle, solar flares, Comet ISON, atmospheric disturbances in Jupiter and Saturn, variable stars, novae, supermassive black holes, galaxies in the Local Cluster, and quasars.  Students share their research at the TJHSST Science Fair, Regional Science Fair, and professional conferences. 

Specialized Equipment

Radio Jove, SID (Sudden  Ionispheric  Disturbance Monitor), Solar Telescope



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