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Biotechnology & Life Science Lab


Dr. Andrea Cobb

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The Biotechnology and Life Sciences Laboratory provides a unique technology experience. The program offers a biotechnology training and research program designed to transform traditional secondary molecular and cellular biology studies into an application program that helps students experience the power of current research tools associated with DNA technologies. The laboratory’s primary mission is to provide a laboratory research-based program that allows students to experience activities in bacterial transformation, protein purification, antigen-antibody interaction, and DNA sequencing. Research projects often involve leading-edge technologies including assay techniques, rtPCR, Western blotting, electrophoresis, and mammalian tissue culture.


  • Malignant transformation by activation of the p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway
  • The role of photosynthesis in the electrical output of microbial fuels cells using Chlorella
  • Petite Mutation Induction in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • The effect of Ghrelin on the lifespan of Bombyx mori
  • The effect of 17◊-Estradiol on Smallmouth Bass


  • Horizontal and Vertical Electrophoresis Apparatus
  • ESCO Class 2 Type A2 Biosafety Cabinet
  • Olympus Fluorescent Microscope
  • Eppendorf Automatic Micropipettes
  • TotalLab Imaging Software
  • NB Scientific Shaker Incubator
  • NB Scientific CO2 Incubators
  • Bio-Rad Thermal Cycler
  • Greenhouse
  • Digital Gel Imaging System


  • Bio-Rad
  • Epstein Becker & Green Fund for Excellence in Health Care and Life Sciences Research
  • George Mason University
  • New England BioLabs
  • The National Institutes of Health



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