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Mobile and Web Application Development Lab


Mr. Paul Kosek





In this lab, students develop algorithms and interfaces to connect users with their data. Projects primarily aim to either optimize and structure databases or implement signal processing algorithms - and then couple the data with a human-computer interface. Students draw their data sets and signals from a wide array of sources including smart phones, tablets, embedded systems and the web. Software development is performed in a wide array of languages including, but not limited to JavaScript, Node, Android Java, Python and MATLAB.

Students who are currently Juniors (Class of 2015) would need to have completed AP Computer Science A plus Data Structures, and will also need to take one or both of the following new elective courses as co-requisites: Mobile App Development and/or Web App Development.


  • Formula Sharing Web App
  • TJ Bus Finder App
  • Athletic Gesture Recognition App
  • Chemistry Immersive Visualization

Specialized Equipment

  • Suite of Motorola Android Phones and Samsung Tablets
  • Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Devices



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