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TJ students work hard and play hard! While academics is an integral part of TJ, we also offer a wealth of activities and athletics that students can participate in. We invite you to explore all that TJ has to offer to make your four years here truly memorable!

Linkspicture of students performing at iNite


Password Changes for Students

  • FCPS Account Manager - Enter a personal e-mail and/or mobile phone number to be able to change/recover FCPS password
  • FCPS Account Recovery - Use to change or reset your FCPS network account, after initially setting it with teacher assistance
  • Change your TJ LOCAL Domain password by using Ctrl+Alt+Del on any student computer in a lab or wireless cart


Student Accounts Checlist

Use this checklist to make sure all of your accounts you will need this school year are set up.


Colonial Award

This award has been created to recognize those members of the TJ students, staff and faculty that illustrate tremendous care to support student success or well-being in our community, or demonstrating high levels of integrity as exemplary role models. These heroes and role models of our community should be recognized for what they do to make TJ an extraordinary community. Nominate somone!


Homework Policy

The TJHSST Leadership Team has adopted the following policy after reviewing recommendations from a committee of students, faculty, parents, and administration:

  • Thanksgiving, winter, and spring breaks should be free of homework assignments. No assignments will be due the class period following breaks unless sufficient time has been provided prior to the breaks.
  • There should be no test or quiz schedule for the first class meeting after Thanksgiving, winter, and spring break
  • Teachers should communicate the approximate length of time it should take to complete assignments.
  • Administration will work with teachers in a timely manner to address concerns regarding homework.
  • Working with their counselors, students will select course that are meaningful and manageable.
  • Students and parents will use Advocacy Guidelines for TJHSST students to address academic and homework concerns.


Technology Recommendations

Students may acquire software for free or reduced pricing through FCPS's Technology @ Home program. FCPS Google Apps for Education account is required for registration. Please see any teacher to help you activate or reset your FCPS Google Apps account.

Students are encouraged to bring their own devices, including laptops, tablets, and mobile phones!

Our students use both Apple and PC computers. The following are general hardware recommendations for students:

Applepicture of laptop

  • MacBook Air with OS X
  • MacBook Pro with OS X


  • HD screen
  • Consider one with a built-in webcam and microphone
  • At least 2 GB of memory (RAM), 4 GB recommended
  • At least 200 GB hard drive
  • Intel processor recommended


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