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  • General scholarships with upcoming deadlines can be found online through your Family Connection/Naviance account, under the Colleges tab. Scroll down to the Scholarships & Money section and click on scholarship list.
  • Many colleges award merit aid based on academic performance and extracurricular activities, among other things. Some even provide full tuition, room and board, and other expenses. For a list of colleges providing great merit aid, go to your Naviance/Family Connection account, open the Document Library on the right side of the page; then click on College and Career Center.   You will find an Excel spreadsheet (College-Awarded Merit Scholarships listing many great scholarships awarded by colleges, including deadlines and application criteria.  This list can be sorted by several criteria.
    • Please note that this lists are produced by parent volunteers and are neither comprehensive nor endorsed by FCPS.   If you have a question about a scholarship, it is always best to contact the college directly with your questions.
  • If a TJ nomination is required for a scholarship, there is a selection process at TJ. You are required to submit a nomination application to Mrs. Kropf. Your application will be reviewed by a faculty selection committee. Please see Mrs. Kropf for more information.

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