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Course Selection



Where do I find course descriptions?

Course descriptions can be found in the online course guide, or from each department's web page.

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How do I select courses for the next school year?

Students are provided with a username and password to register for classes through Freshmen Scheduler or Online Student Scheduler when they register for TJHSST. After resetting their password, students will have the ability to log into a secure website and provide the school with their course selections for the coming school year. Additionally, students will be asked to provide alternates in the unlikely event that one of their primary course requests is not available. Upon completion, the student and parent will receive a confirmation email of what selections were submitted. All requests for changes will need to be made directly with the TJ Dept of Student Services staff.

Watch the How to Create a 4 Year Plan – DSS Video, and check out the Academic Resources page for more information.

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Is TJ's course registration first-come, first-served?

  • For Summer School, yes
  • Otherwise, no. For rising freshmen, no preference is given to those students who register at registration night vs. those that register later. That said, all course selections must be made on the Online Student Scheduler by May 1, 2013 for rising freshmen.

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Why do I need to pick alternatives?

It is likely that you (your child) will get the classes you want. That said, a small percentage of students will not receive their first choice due to conflicts, hence why we require that all students select alternates. Please make sure that you place your electives in the order that you’d like to take them.

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What if I change my mind after I've submitted my selection?

If you should change your mind after you submit your classes electronically, you should fill out and submit the Change to a 2013-2014 Course Selection Form. This form requires your FCPS Google Apps for Education login. Go to the library if you have not activated your FCPS Google Apps Account.

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How do I expunge a high school class from my (child's) record? What classes are expungable?

If your child took a high school credit in middle school and wishes to have it removed from their transcript, there is a onetime window to do so next year. Please talk to your child’s counselor within the first quarter of next year about the pros and cons of doing so. If you decide to expunge a credit earned in middle school (usually a foreign language or math credit), your counselor will need something in writing. Expunging the class also means that any verified credits (earned when you pass the class and the coordinating SOL) become expunged too.

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What electives am I eligible for as a freshman?

A complete list is available on the Online Scheduler. Several year-long and semester classes are available. Naturally, if you select semester courses, please pick two.

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What percentage of incoming freshmen will take Computer Science as their elective during the 9th grade?

Approximately 45%.

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