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I hear I have to go to summer school to fit in any music or fine arts courses. Is this true?

Technically, no. You can graduate from TJ within four years never having gone to summer school. However, if you have an interest in pursuing four years of an elective (i.e. band, orchestra, journalism, photojournalism, etc.), taking summer school may be the only way to get to take some of the higher level STEM course work that you came to TJ to take. To familiarize yourself with your elective options and how to fit it all in, consider listening to the podcast “TJ Four Year Plan for 2015 and Beyond” located on our TJHSST YouTube channel page.


What are the curricular requirements for students to participate in Marching Band (aka Marching Colonials)?

To participate in TJMC you must be a member of the curricular instrumental program (this may include orchestra students at the director's discretion). The exceptions to this rule are as follows:

  • Color Guard members do not need to be a member of the curricular program at any time.
  • Non-curricular instruments (bass guitar, synthesizer, etc - may be from outside the program at the directors discretion)
  • Once you have completed one year of curricular band (whether you marched that year or not) you are allowed one season of TJMC where you are not in the curricular band.
  • No instrumental member may be in TJMC if they have not previously been in a curricular program, or are not currently enrolled.
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