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Summer School



Where do I find information and registration paperwork for Summer School?

Information about Summer School can be found on the TJHSST Summer School Website.

Students in the Class of 2020 can only register for Summer School AFTER they have formally registered with the school on April 26, 2016. No Summer School registrations will be accepted before April 26th.

Please address questions about summer school to Brandon Kosatka (bpkosatka@fcps.edu) (counseling), Allison Bailey (akbailey@fcps.edu) (general summer school information).

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Can a student enroll in a summer course that is not offered at TJHSST Summer School (non-TJ or non-FCPS)?

If a student wishes to enroll in a course that is not being offered by the TJHSST Summer School they must have the permission of Brandon Kosatka (bpkosatka@fcps.edu), Director of Student Services. The High School DSS (or approved designee) is the individual who must sign the registration form for FCPS Summer School registration.

If a student wishes to take a summer course from outside of FCPS, s/he must first submit a written request and complete the necessary paperwork found in Regulation 2460.3.

For more information about this process, students/parents should contact their assigned school counselor.

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If I take Chemistry in Summer School, do I have to take AP Biology or AP Chemistry as a 10th grader?

Yes. Students are expected to take a science course during each of their four years at TJHSST. Students who choose to take Chemistry in Summer School are required to take AP Biology or AP CHemistry during their 10th grade year.

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I hear I have to go to summer school to fit it all in. Is this true?

Technically, no. You can graduate from TJ within four years never having gone to summer school. However, if you have an interest in pursuing four years of an elective (i.e. band, orchestra, journalism, photojournalism, etc.), taking summer school may be the only way to get to take some of the higher level STEM course work that you came to TJ to take. To familiarize yourself with your elective options and how to fit it all in, consider listening to the podcast “TJ Four Year Plan for 2015 and Beyond” located on our TJHSST YouTube channel page.

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What percent of incoming freshmen will take World History and Geography 1 in summer school?

Approximately 45%.

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