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Where do I find infromation about transportation?

Transportation information for students who reside in FCPS will not be available until the middle of August. Those students who do not live in Fairfax County should contact their local school district transportation offices for specific transportation information.

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How do students from other counties get to TJ?

Each participating jurisdiction is responsible for the transportation of its students. In Fairfax County, for example, TJ students take their neighborhood bus to a depot stop (which is often their base high school); from there, they transfer to a different bus which transports them to TJ. In the afternoons, these students take a bus from TJ to a depot stop (usually a neighborhood elementary school), where they may transfer to another bus which takes them to their neighborhood.

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Are there late busses?

When Late-Activity buses are involved, the Office of Security Services, a 24-hour number, should be contacted: FCPS Office of Security Services (for after hour emergencies) 571.423.2000

  • Late/Activity busses for Fairfax County residents run only on Wednesdays
  • Late/Activity busses for Loudon County rum Monday-Thursday

All Late-Activity buses leave school at 6:30 pm.

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What if there are weather-related delays?

Note: For weather-related delays in FCPS, bus transportation is still available from the neighborhoods to the base school and then to TJ on the delayed time schedule; and vice versa for early closings. However, if a specific base school has a scheduled delayed opening for other reasons, students must provide their own transportation to their base school in order to catch the TJ shuttle. Please check the PTSA Transportation webpage for these announcements.

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What is the policy for students riding different busses?

TJ students may only ride a different bus than the one to which they are assigned IF:

  1. There is room on the bus which they wish to ride, and
  2. It is a school related reason, i.e. an assignment, project, etc. which is verified through the teacher.

Students need to request (via email to Bob McCormick, rdmccormick@fcps.edu) a day before they intend to change buses. Please provide the route on which the student will ride, the school project and teacher’s name.

Students are not permitted to ride a different bus because of outside activities (athletic practice, dance class, stay over, etc.). Those are considered by Transportation to be the responsibility of parents.

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What do I do if I have more questions?

Questions regarding transportation in your area should be directed to:

  • TJHSST Security Director: Bob McCormick 703.750.8331, rdmccormick@fcps.edu
  • FCPS Office of Security Services (for after hour emergencies) 571.423.2000
  • FCPS Transportation Services
  • Fairfax Co. 703.750.8331 (Bob McCormick - TJHSST)
  • Arlington Co. 703.228.6640
  • Loudoun Co. 571.252.1700
  • Prince William Co. 571.402.3916

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